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About Coral Veterinary Clinic

About Coral Veterinary Clinic

Core Values

The Core Values of our veterinary practice spring from our mission of providing exceptional pet health care and service. The veterinarians and employees of our veterinary clinics always strive to provide the kindest, most respectful and best care for all our patients. We also treat our clients and each other with the same care. We adhere to the golden rule in all our interactions; with patients, clients, and fellow workers. We always strive to work as a team, and we never hear the words "it's not my job". We strive to always be respectful, honest, tactful, courteous, helpful, and sympathetic. We will be quick to offer help, and slow to offer criticism. We will not be afraid to ask for help or explanations when we don't understand something. We will always project an attitude of caring and respect.

Our Philosophy

Our clients are important to us, and we must do everything possible to make sure they are treated with courtesy.

To make our clients feel welcome, we must greet them by name, and let them know we're here to help.

We must provide accurate and helpful advice to clients who need information on pet health care.

Our veterinary hospital must be kept clean and uncluttered at all times. Clients measure us on the cleanliness of every part of our veterinary clinic.

We must attempt to solve all clients' problems so that we retain their goodwill and repeat business.

We must not argue or even debate with our clients. We will never win. We will only lose their support.

We must not speak poorly of our competition but instead speak positively about OUR qualities.

There is always something to do in the veterinary clinic, so keep busy. Above all, however, be alert to the needs of our clients.

Strive to learn as much about general pet health care so you can better help clients with their needs.

Maintain a professional appearance in order to make a positive impression on our clients.

Be courteous and helpful to other staff members and always recognize we operate as a team.

Coral Veterinary Clinic is involved with numerous community Pet Fairs, as well as the Weekly Pet Therapy Program in the pediatric ward at HealthPark Hospital since 1995.

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FORT MYERS: 9540 Cypress Lake Drive . Fort Myers, FL 33919 | Telephone: 239.481.4746
SANIBEL: 1530 Periwinkle Way . Sanibel, FL 33957 | Telelphone: 239.472.VETS (8387)
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