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Pet Gazette Summer 2014

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Major Building project Coming to Coral Vet!

During the summer of 2014, construction will begin on a new reception area at Coral Veteri- nary Clinic. The completion of the project will mark the fulfillment of otir dream of a more comfortable, convenient, functional and visually attrattive reception area. The project will start with the removal of our present reception area, and the finished product will not be unveiled and functional for up to six months.

We obviously need to keep serving our patients and clients, and wealo need to keep func­ tioning as a business. We will be making some major adjustments in the way we handle pa­ tient visits during this time. We will actually have all clients and patients initially report to the Cat Nap Inn building next door to the main clinic upon arrival. Scheduled annual wellness ex­ ams and sick patient exams of all species will mostly take place at three exam rooms in the Cat Nap Inn building. There is already one exam room on the cat side building, and the Top Dog Grooming area will temporarily house 2 more exam rooms while the project is ongoing.

Critically ill patients, and patients being left for the day for radiographs, ultrasound, surgeries, dentals, lab tests and other procedures will be triaged over to the side door of the main hos­ pital leading to our treatment area. Cat boarders will stay in the boarding area of the Cat Nap Inn, while dog boarders will be directed to the back door of the hospital leading to the boarding area. We will still be able to use our regular exam rooms at the main clipic when needed, but there will be times when it will be too noisy, as the construction will be right outside these rooms.

These adjustments will make it possible for us to continue offering all the services we presently offer while the constructi9n is going on. That being said, we do have alternatives for clients with nervous pets who wish to avoid all the noise and hubbub. Those of you with pets due for annual exams and vaccines in August through October may want to schedule these visits for June or July, prior to construction. We thank all of you in advance for your patience during this period. Construction projects always seem like a hassle and an inconvenience while they are ongoing, but this one is necessary for us to provide you and your pets the best care and service possible.


Temporary Closure of Top Dog Grooming

As most ofthe grooming customers of Top Dog Grooming are already aware, we recently had to curtail all grooming services at Top Dog this year due to the unexpected departure of our groomer.We started frantically searching for a replacement groomer, until we came to the realization that the closure of Top Dog Grooming may have been a stroke of serendipity.

The construction loan for our reception area remodel of the main clinic had just been finalized, and we had recently been presented with the architect's rendering of the project. The reality of the scope of the project became clear after conferring with contractors: we were going to be without a reception area at the main clinic for possibly several months, with loud construction noise just outside all the exam rooms!

We quickly focused in on the Top Dog Grooming area. We have an unused waiting room with area for two more exam rooms within 50 yards of our main clinic. Our plan is to temporarily use the Top Dog waiting room as a reception area and the grooming area as patient exam rooms until our con­ struction project is complete.

Our long-range plan is to then re-open Top Dog Grooming with one or more new groomers in 2015.

We apologize to all of our grooming clients who had to scramble to make alternative grooming arrangements for their dogs. We hope we can win you back in the future, but we totally understand and are happy for you if you have found satisfactory grooming services elsewhere. We can't help but feel that this is a perfect example of the old adage, "everything happens for a reason"


Bring Your Pets to the Island, Mon!

Clients to the south of Cypress Lake Drive, especially in the lona or the 33908 Zip code, have a scenic alternative. During the period of our construction project at the main hospital, you could take advantage of our Sanibel Outpatient Clinic at 1530 Periwinkle Drive for pet wellness exams as well as minor illnesses. We will deduct the cost of your toll from your bill, and you can have an enjoyable drive across the causeway to your appointment.

Traffic is lighter on the islands and the causeway during summer and fall, and we are open for appointments from 9-5 on the weekdays, and 9-12 on the first and third Saturdays of the month. All of our veterinarians work shifts on Sanibel on different days of the week, so you can see your favorite doctor and maybe see a dolphin, pelican or eagle on your way to the appointment!

#1 Veterinarian in Lee County by Gulfshore Magazine!


The Importance of Wellness Lab Work

By Laura Braun, DVM

You may have noticed at the time of your pet's annual exam, the doctors at Coral Veterinary Clinic often recom­ mend wellness or geriatric lab work. This is in addition to the annual canine HLEA (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasma) blood test. The veterinary profession recommends wellness lab work annually for dogs over 7 years old and cats over 9 years old.

Wellness or geriatric lab work requires us to get a blood and urine sample from your pet to send to a national lab for testing. The lab work includes a wealth of information about your pet, from the following categories:

  • The Diagnostic Profile includes numerous blood enzymes which provide information about organ function. These serve as a useful screening test for liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, diabetes mellitus, protein deficiencies and other illnesses. This testing is important prior to starting medications (such as NSAIDs, cardiac drugs, seizure medications), as well as monitoring how well medications are being tolerated by the patient, and as pre-surgical blood work.

  • The Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC) reports the red blood cell count as well as all the white blood cells and platelets. Blood cell abnormalities are further evaluated by a microscopic evaluation of a blood smear. The CBC provides important information in cases of anemia, infectious disease, and inflammatory or chronic conditions.

  • Thyroid disease is fairly common in middle-aged and elderly dogs and cats. Cats tend toward an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) while dogs tend toward an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). The symptoms of these conditions can develop very gradually and remain subtle, although they affect the overall health of your pet in more dramatic ways. Checking the thyroid level annually in an older pet is very helpful as a screening test, and mandatory in a dog or cat under treatment for thyroid disease.

  • Urinalysis performed in conjunction with the diagnostic profile provides the earliest clues of declining kidney function. Urinalysis also reveals the presence of urinary tract infections, and can even support the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

In summary, why is wellness lab work important?

  1. As with ourselves, it is important to be proactive rather than reactive when managing your pet's health.
  2. Establishing a baseline of normal values for your pet can help us detect the earliest signs of disease.
  3. Many abnormalities can be identified on lab work before your pet shows any signs of illness.
  4. Your pet can't tell you what is wrong when they are sick; lab work is useful to reveal hidden problems.
  5. Your pet will thank you for it!


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