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Pet Gazette Summer 2015

Coral Veterinary Clinic - Summer 2015

Reception Renovation Completed

New Reception Area Opens!

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It is with great excitement, pride and relief that we announce the opening of the new reception area at Coral Veterinary Clinic! A process that began over a year and a half ago has finally come to fruition. The demolition of the old reception area started in November of 2014, and now, seven months later, the new reception area has been unveiled.

The new area is some 800 square feet larger than the old one which allows for more comfort and efficiency for patients, clients and employees. The new area is not only more efficient, functional and comfortable, it is also more visually appealing. The space features a much larger waiting area, with a separate quiet area for sick cats and non-canine patients. There are numerous windows, double door entranceways and exits for security and cooling purposes, beautiful tile floors, granite countertops, coffee station and beverage refrigerator and a handicap accessible bathroom in the waiting area. Modern, comfortable, easy to clean couches and benches are plentiful.

All patients will be brought into the reception area through the marked Patient Entrance, formerly the dog en-trance. Patient check-ins will take place at one of the three reception stations at the reception counter in the waiting room. A veterinary assistant will then escort patient and owner to one of the five exam rooms for their appointment. After the appointment, owners will proceed to the check-out area on the other side of the recep-tion island. The check-out area features a counter with two check-out stations, a large retail area with pet food and pet products and a comfort room for euthanasias and client conferences. Clients will then exit the building through the marked Retail and Patient Exit door, which used to be the cat entrance. Clients without patients who are coming in to pick up pets who have been patients or boarders, or wish to purchase food and supplies, or pick up prescriptions, will enter the building via the Retail and Patient Exit door.

Coral Veterinary Clinic would like to thank our contractors, EG Contracting Co. and all the sub-contractors, for managing to get all the work done in the middle of a fully functioning veterinary hospital. The final prod-uct speaks to the high quality of their work. They managed to keep the noise, smoke, paint fumes, water and power outages to a minimum, allowing us to get our work done at the same level of quality to which our cli-ents have become accustomed.

Thank you and congratulations to all our wonderful doctors and employees, who continued to work hard while remaining cheerful and patient during the entire process. Everyone logged a lot of miles over the past few months walking between the two buildings!

Last but not least, we want to thank you, our wonderful clients. You have been so patient, kind and sympa-thetic over the past 7 months while we have had to see all our appointments in three exam rooms at the Cat Nap Inn. If you needed prescriptions, pet food, or your pet needed x-rays, lab work, surgery, or boarding, you were sent off to Doors A or B in the main building. Many clients were confused about where to go, with good reason, but no one ever lost their temper, or were anything but kind to us during the process. So thank you, thank you again, and enjoy the new reception area!


Meet Two Of Our New Receptionists

Coral Veterinary Clinic - Summer 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have recently hired three new receptionists to serve you, and we will pro-file 2 of them in this article.

Christina Ojeda is the smiling lady with the curly black hair. She has been with us for a few months, and helped us get through the construction period. Christina is a proud Floridian and has lived in Fort Myers for 37 years. She attended Estero High School in South Lee County. Christina lives with her partner Latisha and their two sons: Darius, who is 18 and Aaron, who is 12 years old. Both boys have been baseball players since they were 5 years old, and Christina confesses she is a “very big baseball mom”, in addition to being a former player for a coed softball team herself.

No home would be complete without pets, and Chris-tina’s family includes Chastity Starr and Destiny Starr, two 6 year old Chihuahuas, and Dymond Starr, a 3 year old Great Dane. Besides working, taking care of her fam-ily and pets, and baseball, Christina loves having fun with her extended family. It’s a big family, and Christina is proud of the fact that her grandma had 14 kids! Chris-tina holds a crafting party for all the kids in her family twice a year. She also speaks Spanish, and loves to make others laugh and smile.

So please join us in welcoming Christina and her smiling face to the reception staff at Coral Veterinary Clinic!

Brittney Almond is the smiling receptionist with the wavy brown hair. She has also been with us for a few months during the construction project. She recently moved to Fort Myers from Deland, Florida, when her husband, Chaz, had a job transfer to our area. Brittney attended Deland High School and received a B.S. in Biology from Stetson University in 2009. Brittney brings a lot of veterinary ex-perience to Coral Vet. She has worked at the same vet hospital since graduating high school in 2005. She started as a kennel tech, then worked as a tech assistant during college. She was the practice manager for the past 4 years before moving to Fort Myers. In addition to that, Brittney managed a grooming, boarding, play date and retail shop while managing the veterinary practice! Talk about multi-tasking!

Brittney and Chaz share their home with Drake, a German Shorthaired Pointer. She enjoys outdoor activities, includ-ing hunting and fishing. She grew up owning horses and barrel racing, and enjoys cheering for the Atlanta Braves and the Florida Gators (Go Gators!). With her great smile and positive attitude, and a wealth of experience, we’re sure you’ll agree that Brittney will make an outstanding addition to the reception team at Coral Veterinary Clinic!


Meet Dr. Diane Bean!

Coral Veterinary Clinic - Summer 2015

Coral Veterinary Clinic is very happy to introduce the new veterinarian on our staff, Dr. Diane Bean. Dr. Diane has had interesting careers in both marine biology and veterinary medicine, and she brings new skills and knowledge to our veterinary staff.

Dr. Bean grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, where she attended Edsel Ford High School. She had a collie/golden retriever mix named Brownie as a child, and her parents always thought she would work with ani-mals. Diane attended the University of Miami and received a BS in Marine Science and Biology in 1996. After graduation, she lived in the Florida Keys and worked as a marine biologist for the National Audu-bon Society. She was involved in multiple research projects in the Florida Everglades that included the relationships between water flow, submerged aquatic vegetation, prey based fish, and Roseate Spoonbill nesting success as an indicator of ecosystem health. During that time, Diane started to volunteer at a lo-cal Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. This is when her interest in veterinary medicine was renewed.

Dr. Bean attended the University of Florida Veterinary School and received her DVM in 2004. She has been a small and exotic animal veterinarian at a practice in Cape Coral for the past eleven years. She has also worked as a volunteer and relief veterinarian at CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) on Sanibel since 2011, and has been on the CROW Board of Directors since 2013. Dr. Diane’s veterinary areas of interest are internal medicine, avian, exotic and wildlife medicine and ultrasonography. She will definitely increase our levels of skills and knowledge in these fields.

No veterinary biography is complete without a list of pets. Diane and her partner Jim share their home with a variety of rescue animals. They are: Zatarra, a Cattle dog/Shiba Inu mix, Tommy, a Shih Tzu, Zeus and Zena, 2 Fancy Rats, Alpha, Baby and Cosmo, 3 Cockatiels, Floyd and Crystal, 2 Blue and Gold Ma-caws, Vladimir, a Russian Tortoise and Stretch, a Red-Eared Slider/Yellow Belly Turtle cross.

When Diane isn’t working, taking care of her menagerie or volunteering, she enjoys gardening, baking, reading, hiking and bird watching. Join us in welcoming the talented and friendly Dr. Diane Bean to the veterinary team at Coral Veterinary Clinic!

#1 Veterinarian in Lee County by Gulfshore Magazine!


Meet Our New Groomer

Coral Veterinary Clinic - Summer 2015

Coral Veterinary Clinic is pleased to introduce our new groomer, Jennifer “J.J.” Armstrong. J.J. is a talented and ex-perienced groomer and has been grooming dogs and cats at the main clinic for the past few months. She has been work-ing three days a week while she builds up her clientele, and pet owners have been very pleased with her work.

Since our new reception area has opened up, she will soon be grooming pets at the Top Dog Grooming, which is the grooming facility located behind the right hand door at the Cat Nap Inn building, just across the training area from the main hospital.

J.J. is a Fort Myers native, and attended Fort Myers High School and studied Criminology at Edison State College. She has worked in timeshare sales and at Lee County Do-mestic Animal Services as well as being a groomer. She shares her home with Charlotte, a French Bulldog, Mitzie, a miniature Schnauzer, and Frodo, a Persian cat. She is active in local churches and enjoys gardening, painting and auto-motive restoration.

To get a grooming appointment with J.J., call the main office at 239-481-4746. You and your pet will be glad you called!


Wellness Profiles with Annual Exams

Coral Veterinary Clinic is excited to offer a Well-ness Profile at a bargain price in conjunction with your pet’s Annual Exam. When your dog or cat comes in for its Annual Physical, we can draw blood and run a profile at the same time for only an addi-tional $27.70! This profile includes 11 blood chemis-try values along with a complete blood count (CBC) which evaluates the blood cells. This allows us to establish a baseline for your pet at a very low price, and can also detect early potential problems before they cause clinical signs. Due to the age and health of your pet, the doctor may instead recommend a different profile. Please check with the doctor about pricing. We urge you to take advantage of this offer when your pet comes in for his or her next annual physical. Your pet will thank you for it!


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