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Client testimonials

Thank you Coral Veterinary Clinic

Coral Veterinary ClinicBy Rachal H.
March 28th, 2013

Snowball and his family would like to thank all the staff at Coral Veterinary Clinic for all there love and help. He wants to also thank Donna for coming into work early to see if he was ok. He wants you all to know what wonderful angels you are, and promises not to play with the cat for a while!!

Thank You for Caring for Lila

By Bob and Louise

Dear Dr. Andazola,
Thank you for the excellent care you gave Lila over these past several weeks. We also appreciate the time you took to explain her condition and options to us. You took care of Lila (and us) with directness and sensitivity. Whether we’re talking about dogs or humans, “bed-side” manner matters so much.

Unfortunately, eventually we ran out of good options for Lila. We also are grateful to Dr. Braun, Sheila and the woman who handled billing, who showed great compassion and support when we brought Lila in Wednesday.

We appreciate all that you and others on the Coral Vet team did to extend Lila’s life and to make her last days more comfortable. Lila was so special to us; thanks to the Coral Vet team for treating her as special to them.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Winston

By Shawn H

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Winston while I was away on business.  Having to leave him was truly heart-breaking; however, it was obvious after my first phone call to CVC that he was in good hands and being well cared for.

The love and exceptional car given to Winston speaks highly of your compassion and commitment to even the smallest of patients.

Ww can"t say enough. Thank you so much!

By Sandy and David L.

My husband and I want to convey our deepest gratitude to all of you for caring for our Girly Girl. We know you tried your hardest to make her well.  We thank you in the end for your honesty in helping us make what was the right decision and we know she is at peace.

All of you should be proud of the love and respect you give to pets AND their owners.

We just can’t say it enough.  Thank you so much!

Thanks for all you do for the 4 legged children!

By Robin Y

Just a quick note to say “Thank You” for taking Milo in so quickly and seeing about him with thorough attention!  He as we speak is recovering from surgery with Dr. Chauvet in Sarasota… will keep you posted on his healing process.

Thanks for all you do for the 4-legged children!

We will never forget your kindness!

By Mary and Tom G

A very big THANK YOU to you for caring for Joey, Rosie and us ( ! ) during our time of need in Florida.  You went way beyond the basic clinical care.  We are so very grateful.  We may have had to leave our best friend behind, but came home knowing that there are still genuine, caring and compassionate professionals in this world.  We will never forget your kindness!

Thank you and all the staff!

By Jan and Larry C

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and all the staff at Coral Veterinary for all the care you gave Winston since we moved to Florida. We really appreciate that you stopped in to say goodbye to Winston last Saturday.  He was an incredible dog (it’s hard to even call him a dog) and such a big part of our lives that it’s impossible at the point to imagine life without him.  Even though you only knew him as a “senior”, he carried all his “pup” spirit with him until the end.

Sweet boarding facilities...

by FtMyersGuy

 If you need a great place to leave your pets when you're going out of town, take them to Coral Veterinary Clinic & the Cat Nap Inn. Your pets will get plenty of excercise and an air conditioned environment! What's better than that?

They healed my dog and lindsay is...

by Lina Marcela

I dropped my dog off at Coral's kennel for a three day weekend. The veterinarian at Coral noticed that my dog was peeing frequently and diagnosed her as having a UTI. We have since followed the Vet's prognosis, and our dog has improved - before her stay at Coral Veterinary Clinic, we noticed the same thing they did but were not concerned. Now, our dog is healthier. Also, Lindsay Temple, an employee at Coral Veterinary Clinic, is a sweetheart. Well after our dog's stay at Coral Veterinary Clinic, Lindsay remembered her and asked about her. Coral was more expensive than I am accustomed to, and after my dog's visit, I was mostly concerned about the cost. Now I realize cost is not so important as my dog's care. I would recommend Coral Veterinary Clinic.

Excellent Care for Your Pet

by Kristine N

Coral Veterinary Clinic has about six veterinarians. Every one of them is extremely professional and friendly. The clinic is open until 7 pm and they even make house calls in emergencies. I have a small dog and she has received special care from Dr. Kirk Andazola. He is very gentle and talks to her the entire time. The clinic is clean and the office staff is very helpful, including scheduling appointment with little notice. The initial appointment is a little pricey (I think about $100) but after that the cost for office visits and vaccinations is extremely low. Everyone at Coral Veterinary Clinic treats your pet like a member of the family and that makes them top notch in my book!

If you are a pet lover and you choose your pet’s veterinarian based on the quality of the medical care offered, then I highly recommend to you the Coral Veterinary Clinic. I have several cats as well as two dogs and the care that they have received there over a number of years has been excellent. My pets have received both routine exams and innoculations as well as treatment for more serious conditions and injuries and I have been very pleased with the medical care they received here. I find the doctors and the staff to be very personable and attentive. When they have said that they will call me back, they do so. That means less worry and fretting on my part. They also offer state of the art services such as laser surgery, which not every veterinary office offers. However, if one of your pets develops a condition that requires a specialist of some kind that is not available at the clinic itself, they do not hesitate to refer you to where your pet can receive that treatment. In addition, I know that at least one of the doctors, Dr. Nichols, is also certified in Eastern medicine so he offers services such as acupuncture as well. In addition to the Fort Myers office, they have an outpatient office on Sanibel Island. If you are interested in learning more about the Coral Veterinary Clinic, I suggest you visit their informative website at that contains information about the clinic as well as the associated cat boarding facility, grooming, and training options. In addition, the Coral Vet Clinic lets you create a pet portal for your pet that you can access online to keep up with your pet’s medical needs. They will also email you when your pets are due for things like routine vaccinations. I find this to be very convenient for keeping track of these matters, especially since I have several pets.

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