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Feline Wellness Center at Coral Veterinary Clinic
Feline Wellness Center at Coral Veterinary Clinic
Feline Wellness Center at Coral Veterinary Clinic

Feline Wellness Center

Welcome to our Feline Wellness Center!

The Coral Feline Wellness Center is devoted exclusively to feline health care. We understand your special relationship with your feline friend and our mission is to provide quality veterinary care in a low stress environment for your cat.

With cats being the one of the most beloved pets in the country, there is a growing need to improve the health care and overall well-being of the feline population. Whether it's a routine checkup or special visit, the staff at Coral Veterinary Clinic Feline Wellness Center is committed to ensuring that cats get the best care. And, to further its dedication, the clinic recently implemented the Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program to offer pet owners more at every phase of the cat's health care process.

We know that the hospital environment can play a major role in making cat visits less stressful for both you and your feline friend, so we have built a cat only waiting and exam room located in the Cat Nap Inn located next to our main building.

At a CFP -designated clinic, the veterinary staff incorporates cat-friendly features into the physical environment of the practice including special waiting rooms, feline sensitive examination rooms and ward facilities with equipment appropriate specifically for cats. Staff members also approach cat care in a different manner. The staff learns how to understand the needs of the cat such as how to interpret a cat's facial expression and body language. Furthermore, the staff is well trained in alternate techniques to calm an anxious cat and ensure that exams and procedures do not escalate anxiety.

Recent studies show that cats now outnumber dogs as pets by 13%, yet cats often fail to receive the same degree of veterinary care. Reasons given for this include the fact that clients are unaware that cats need regular preventative (wellness) health visits in addition to their vaccine visits. Another reason is that the whole experience from getting the cat in the carrier, sitting in the waiting room, and the visit itself is a distressing experience for the cat and the client.

At the Coral Feline Wellness Center we strive to make your next veterinary visit with your cat a more pleasant experience. The Catalyst Council has an excellent video called "Cats & Carriers: Friends, not Foes" that we recommend you watch. Dr. David Nichols is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and our staff has been trained in the AAFP's Feline Friendly Handling Guidelines which teaches techniques for successfully and respectfully interacting with cats in the clinic. We also use the synthetic feline facial pheromones (Feliway) throughout the waiting and exam rooms.

We are currently seeing patients at the Coral Feline Wellness Center by appointment Monday through Friday from 9-5. Please call our office at (239) 898-8468.

Services include:

  • Routine and preventative healthcare for kittens, adults, and seniors
  • Custom vaccine protocols
  • Laboratory testing
  • Nutritional and behavioral consultations
  • Parasite Control
  • Pharmacy Prescription Diets

So, if your cat is stressed by the barking dogs and the high activity level of the waiting room at our main clinic then schedule your next appointment at the Coral Feline Wellness Center for a more calming veterinary visit.

We will continue to treat all sick and hospitalized patients at the main office in addition to services such as surgical and dental procedures, and imaging procedures such as x-rays and ultrasounds.

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